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4 tips to protect against supply chain infiltration

by Ryan

The recent SolarWinds Orion hack, which breached US government agencies and corporations worldwide through a complex attack on their software ecosystem, has thrust discussion around supply chain security into the spotlight this year. Supply chain hacks in themselves aren’t a new tactic, however. Threat actors have long targeted third-party vendors within both digital and physical supply chains to infiltrate larger, more potentially valuable organizations, such as governments or multinational organizations.

A report detailing the top supply chain threats to businesses in 2019 and the first half of 2020 found that supply chain cybersecurity risk warnings increased by 80% in Q2 2020. Alongside this, with supply chain attacks having spiked 78% in 2018, it’s no surprise we’re seeing a surge in supply chain attacks targeted at healthcare companies in recent months. Partners and suppliers are often a weak link within enterprise security, especially when coupled with the far-reaching nature of the SolarWinds breach.

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