Aaron Rodgers tips his hand on Packers drama — with an assist from Davante Adams

by John Smith

While declining to divulge his thoughts on his reported trade request, Aaron Rodgers is playing the cryptic social media game. (Jay Biggerstaff/Reuters)

We haven’t heard directly from Aaron Rodgers since last week’s draft-day report that he wants out of Green Bay. But he’s since teased his thoughts on social media for folks playing close enough attention.
The Packers quarterback declined to speak publicly when he showed up at Saturday’s Kentucky Derby. He did speak with NBC’s Mike Tirico, who reported that Rodgers is “disappointed that the news has come out” and expressed “how much he loves Green Bay, loves the fans, loves the franchise.”

That report prompted a new round of skepticism. If Rodgers’ team didn’t leak his dissatisfaction, then who did? It certainly doesn’t benefit the Packers to put that out there hours before the NFL draft.

Rodgers provides a glimmer of insight.
Into the new week, Rodgers has maintained his silence, allowing speculation to simmer on what he really thinks. Mostly. As of Tuesday, Rodgers hasn’t spoken publicly on the report. But he did offer a nugget of insight with an assist from his top target Davante Adams.

On Monday, the Packers wide receiver tweeted this:
“That appears to be a statement from Adams in support of his quarterback. There are certainly other reads to be had here in the game of cryptic social media — but Adams having Rodgers’ back is the most obvious interpretation. 
Rodgers seems to think so. The Packers quarterback liked Adams’ tweet, an apparent passive-aggressive endorsement of the report that yes, he really does want out of Green Bay, and the Packers should have shown him more appreciation before it got to this point.”

That desired appreciation would presumably include not trading up to draft his replacement in the first round of the 2020 draft. Rodgers could clear this all up. But that’s not really his style.

We’ve reached the full-blown tea-leaf reading portion of this story, and Rodgers appears just fine with that. If and until he provides some insight — or the Packers make an unexpected move — that’s where it will remain. In early May, Rodgers is weeks away from mandatory minicamp, which is setting up as the next phase is this saga — that is, unless Rodgers decides to break his radio silence first.

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