Antonio Brown’s “helmet gate” fiasco finally comes to an end

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Antonio Brown is going to move on from his “helmet gate” drama after the NFL denied his final attempt to wear his preferred helmet. Browns‘ agent Drew Rosenhaus confirmed to Sirius XM NFL Radio on Sunday that’s precisely the plan.”We’re going to move on,” Rosenhaus said, via NBC Sports Bay Area. “That door is closed.”

Rosenhaus said the publicity from all of the helmet drama has spurned other business opportunities for Brown, who will most likely wear a custom helmet supplied by one of the brands and get paid to be a sponsor.

“As a result of all the publicity accrued from our efforts to get him to wear that helmet, he has multiple offers on the table right now from various companies to custom-make a helmet for him and pay him quite a bit of money,” Rosenhaus said. “We have found, without getting into specifics, some very suitable alternatives. We’re very excited. Antonio will be wearing a helmet. He won’t be missing any time, and he’ll be getting paid a lot of money to do so. It’s sort of a happy ending, even though he won’t be able to wear the old helmet.”

“The helmet and the foot, all that is behind him now,” Rosenhaus said. “He’s entirely focused on football and is ready to have another prototype Antonio Brown season. He’s going to flourish with Jon Gruden and Derek Carr. I’m very excited for him moving forward.”

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