Baseball-Chasing Legend Suffers Epic Fall In Home Run Ball Pursuit

by Ryan

Zack Hample didn’t have a ball during Monday’s Giants-Phillies game ― at least on this play.

Hample, the YouTuber who claims to have snagged more than 11,000 baseballs at dozens of MLB stadiums, was caught on video chasing after a two-run home run by the Giants’ Brandon Belt.

He ran down the stairs of Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Park and slipped like a clown on a banana peel before he could pick up the ball. He reached behind him to grab the souvenir from his fallen position, but another guy appeared to clamp onto it first.

It’s even funnier set to the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” theme:

Hample said he was fine, but conceded his ball-hawking skills betrayed him.

He promised he would rebound quickly.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.

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