Best Toilet Brush Replacement Heads of 2021

by Ryan

  • Having reliable toilet brush replacement heads can make an annoying chore a little easier.
  • The best refills provide a deep clean and reach all of the crevices inside your toilet.
  • We found the best toilet brush replacement heads including disposable, reusable, and flushable options.

Although cleaning your toilet may be your least favorite chore, purchasing durable and easy-to-use toilet brush replacement heads will make it easier to achieve a deep clean. When shopping for replacement heads, you’ll want to consider your budget, your preferred method of disposal, and whether you want to use your own toilet cleaner or use refills that are pre-loaded with cleaner. In addition, you’ll want brush heads that are designed to reach the crevices that are most commonly missed when cleaning a toilet, such as under the toilet rim, and the back of the toilet. 

With this in mind, we’ve created a list of the best toilet brush replacement heads that include disposable, reusable, electric, and flushable options, offering a world of choices no matter your preferences. 

Here are the best toilet brush replacement heads

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