Bettor makes $21,000 on 12-team parlay, and it was shockingly easy

by John Smith

Parlays are hard. Even the winning parlays — and we’re talking all the way down to two-teamers — are rarely taken down without a sweat.
A BetMGM customer in New Jersey placed a 12-team parlay on Tuesday. It was $50 to win $21,560 on seven MLB games, three NBA games and two NHL games.
He or she won, which is remarkable in itself. You can go your entire life without hitting a 12-team parlay. What makes this win truly remarkable is the ease in which the 12-team parlay hit.
There was one truly close call, an overtime hockey game, and a Los Angeles Lakers win that wasn’t decided until the fourth quarter. But the rest of the games? Never a sweat.
• Phillies +110 at Marlins
The Phillies took a 2-0 lead in the fourth inning and the Marlins never scored off Vince Velasquez. Philly won 2-0.
• Mets -350 vs. Rockies
This is a closer call than you’d like from a heavy favorite like the Mets, but a two-run homer from Mets catcher Tomas Nido in the sixth inning gave New York a 3-1 lead, and that was the end of the scoring.
• Braves +115 at Red Sox
The Braves took a 2-1 lead in the third inning, tacked on another run in the sixth and won 3-1.
• Dodgers -115 at Astros
The Dodgers, with Clayton Kershaw on the mound, took a 2-0 lead in the fourth and never trailed, scoring in each of the final four innings for a 9-2 win.
• Angels -175 vs. Rangers
The Angels put up a six-spot in the fourth inning to take a 9-1 lead and won 11-5.
• Giants -160 at Diamondbacks
The Giants scored three runs in the top of the first and won 8-0.
• Twins -190 vs. Orioles
The Twins did trail 2-0 in the second inning. But then they scored four runs in the bottom of the second inning and never trailed again, winning 7-4.
• Nets -450 vs. Celtics
The Nets absolutely battered the Celtics, beating them 130-108 in a game that was never in doubt.
• Mavericks +7 at Clippers
There might have been some nerves in this one, as the Mavericks trailed 73-71 at the half. But Dallas outscored the Clippers 30-19 in the third quarter and that +7 was fairly safe.
• Leafs -175 at Canadiens (2-way, include OT/shoot-outs)
The Maple Leafs scored three goals in the second period and had an easy 4-0 win.
That’s 10 of the 12 games, and every one of them was an easy win. If you’ve bet long enough, you know that it’s never, ever that easy. Especially for 10 straight games.
There were two moderate sweats on the parlay, but even those weren’t too bad …
• Lakers -130 at Suns
Going into the final three minutes, the Lakers’ lead was only 93-92. If you were watching the game, it never felt like the Suns were going to win straight up. But, if you had a 12-team parlay on the line, it likely didn’t feel that certain. The Lakers pulled away (and hit a ridiculous over) for a 109-102 win.
That was one of the last games of the day. A little earlier on Tuesday night, our 12-team parlay bettor had a real sweat.
• Hurricanes -200 vs. Predators (2-way, include OT/shoot-outs)
This was the one game that could have ruined an otherwise easy parlay. The Hurricanes trailed into the third period. With 7:05 left in regulation, Martin Necas scored for the Hurricanes to tie it up. But to keep with the theme of this easy parlay, it wasn’t a long sweat in overtime. Jordan Staal scored 2:03 into the extra period to give the Hurricanes a win and keep the parlay going.
There you have it, the easiest win on a 12-team parlay you’ll ever see. The Hurricanes were in danger of losing, the Lakers needed to hit some late shots to win, but the other 10 games on this $21,560 win were never really in doubt.
May all of us who bet on sports have a parlay win this easy. Even on a three- or four-teamer.


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