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Dallas Cowboys contract negotiations continue

by Ryan

The Cowboys completed their contract negotiations with DeMarcus Lawrence by signing him to a five-year $105 million contract. This made him the highest paid player in Dallas Cowboy history. In April just days after signing his contract Lawrence underwent surgery to repair and torn labrum in his left shoulder. It is expected t take him four to six months to recover from the surgery.

That’s one down but with more to go the Cowboys aren’t done yet. With on-going negotiations with Dak Prescott, Amari Cooper and Ezekial Elliot yet to be completed.

Prescott has rejected the team’s $30 million per year offer and has countered at $40 million per year. With details unavailable as to the length of the contract offer, and the very important guaranteed money figure, the negotiations continue.

Waiting is generally most beneficial to the player. Evidenced by the fact that the Cowboys weren’t able to get a deal done earlier in the off-season and now the market has jumped dramatically.

In April the Seattle Seahawks signed Russell Wilson to a four-year $140 million extension with $107 million in guaranteed money. Then in June The Philadelphia Eagles one-upped the market by signing Carson Wentz to a four-year $128 million contract with $107.87 million in guaranteed money.

Prescott should fall somewhere in between these two. His numbers have surpassed Wentz in most all statistical categories since they both came into the league. The most critical being the all-important fact that Prescott has never missed a game and Wentz has played only one complete season in three years.

Unfortunately for Prescott his original contract was pre-set by the rookie wage scale. As a fourth-round draft pick it maxes out at $2.7 million. Conversely Wentz’ rookie deal was for $27 million.

Now Prescott has the opportunity to negotiate his new deal and for him it is time to get paid accordingly.


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