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Danny Green Is Still Fighting Racism—and Loving Toronto

by Ryan

Danny Green continues to set himself apart. Not many can say they’ve won both an NCAA title and at least three NBA titlesin fact, just 10 other people can. After winning a championship with San Antonio in 2014, Green just won back-to-back titles with both the Toronto Raptors and Los Angeles Lakers.

At 33, Green has earned his way into being recognized as one of the best role players in recent memory, joining the likes of Robert Horry, Derek Fisher, and Shane Battier as understated performers who have consistently found ways to impact winning at the highest level wherever they’ve been.

“I’m feeling very truly blessed, very lucky to be a part of so many great teams and organizations,” Green told Complex. “But actually got a chance to relax, lay my hair down a little bit. Looking forward to maybe taking a vacation one of these days soon, but you know how it is: you win, short off-seasons, a lot of obligations, but trying to enjoy the ride as much as possible. During a pandemic it makes a little bit easy; you don’t have to make as many appearances. Everything is virtual, so yeah, I’m enjoying my time off right now and just trying to relax.”

“My dad almost got into the same situation with security [as Masai Ujiri] because they’re looking at him and viewing him as somebody violent, somebody angry and that doesn’t belong.”

Such is life during the COVID-19 global pandemic that Green will receive his Lakers championship ring before his Raptors one. Though the two teams played each other twice this past season, the first meeting was in Los Angeles while the second was in the Orlando Bubble. Presented the choice of having the ring sent to him, Greenwho has developed a strong attachment to Toronto and Canadaopted to receive his Raptors ring whenever he’s back in Toronto for a game in front of Raptors fans again.

“I was talking about it with Phil (Handy); me and Phil have been waiting for a little while now but we’re in no rushwe wanna do it the right way, in front of the city, in front of the fans. Hopefully we have fans next year,” Green said. “But yeah, I’m just truly excited and blessed to be a part of both experiences. Obviously the rings aren’t going anywhere, I know that, but I’m excited to see what they design up for this one.

“I’ve seen the design for the Raptors rings, I’ve seen how crazy it was. I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet or see it in personof my own, but I’m excited to see what the Lakers bring to the table.”

Green’s time in Toronto means he’s not just looking to be a voice for change in the United States. When the Canadian border opens up once again, Green looks forward to returning to a place he considers home and has built many friendships in, and helping any way he can. His ties to the city and country extend beyond his one season with the Raptors, having held basketball camps for the youth in Canada on several occasions during the summer, including the last one in Winnipeg in 2019. Due to COVID-19 and the delayed NBA season, there was obviously no camp in 2020.

“I love the city of Toronto. I love Canada as a country, man. The people are amazing, they always treated me well,” Green said. “I also know how diverse the city of Toronto is and obviously other cities in Canada. How many people you have from the islands: Jamaican, Haitians, Trinidadians. Black, white, so many different people there, which made it so unique and so amazing as a city, so I know some of the things that they have gone through and some of the issues they’ve gone through, so I can only hope.

“It’s hard to use my voice right now since the border’s really strict; they’re not letting people in and out of there, but as soon as things get freed up and I’ll be able to go back, I’mma try to be there. And whenever Kyle Lowry or Fred VanVleet or anybody, those guys need me, Pascal…. [Whenever they] have something going on there and they need me to show upOG, my guy OG, or NormI’ll be there. I’ll be on the forefront right on the frontlines of doing everything that needs to be done to make change.”

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