Devonta Smith Highlights vs. LSU Tigers | 2020 Regular Season Week 14 | CBS Sports HQ


I’m a Heisman Trophy voter, and I’ve had Florida quarterback Kyle Trask atop my midseason rankings for about six weeks. That’s not the case anymore. Smith is my guy. No, it’s not a knock against the Gators quarterback. Trask has been awesome and will be in virtual New York City as a Heisman finalist. Smith deserves it more … at least right now. I typically factor in three things when choosing who I put on my ballot: value to the team, contribution to overall team success and pure production. Smith checks every box.

There are countless valuable players on Alabama’s roster, but Jones’ job would be much harder without Smith — especially after Jaylen Waddle went down with an injury. Nothing against John Metchie III. He would be a great wide receiver if Smith wasn’t there, but teams would gear up to stop Jones and Harris enough to at least slow down this offense. Smith’s contribution to his team’s success is obvious since he’s the best player on the best and most complete team in the country. His pure production looks more like a video game stat line than something you see in real life.

There is still time for Trask, or anybody for that matter, to make a run. But if our Heisman ballots had to be in tomorrow, Smith would be at the top of mine.

– Barrett Sallee


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