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DOOM Eternal – Official Launch Trailer

by Bill
doom eternal

Bethesda Softworks UK
There is only one dominant life form in this universe, and it carries a steel-barreled sword of vengeance. Become the Slayer and hunt Hell’s armies to the far reaches of the earth and beyond. The only thing they fear… is YOU.

RAZE HELL when DOOM Eternal arrives on 20.03.20.
Pre-Order DOOM Eternal to get a free digital download of DOOM 64. Pre-orders of DOOM Eternal also include the Rip and Tear Pack, which comes with:
– DOOT Revenant Skin
– Cultist Base Master Level
– Throwback Shotgun Weapon Skin

Join the Slayers Club, the official DOOM fan club, at SlayersClub.com for exclusive rewards.
For more information on DOOM Eternal, follow these channels:
Twitter – https://twitter.com/DOOM
Instagram – https://instagram.com/DOOM
Facebook – https://facebook.com/DOOM
Website – https://SlayersClub.com


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