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Dreamhouse: The Game | Announcement Trailer

by Bill

DeSand Game Studios
Life is too short not to make your dreams come true, but what if you can do it without leaving home?
See You in Dreamhouse: The Game, one of the first games on Unreal Engine 5!

Dreamhouse: The Game, is a game that allows you to get closer to the process of designing and building a house, from the foundations to buying flower pots. The task of the player is to take care of all the details necessary to finish the building. This seems to be easy and trouble-free at first glance, but in practice, difficult and important decisions will need to be made, which will affect the functionality of the property.
In the game, you play the role of a beginner construction engineer whose dream is to earn enough money to build your dream house and then build it himself. Lead the company from scratch, accepting orders for the general renovation of a ruined house, undeveloped land requiring leveling, excavation of house foundations, or the construction of a small hut in the forest up to a real hacienda on a sandy beach.

Some of the features of Dreamhouse: The Game

Multiplayer/online co-op mode – cooperate with your friends or compete with them online.
VR – Dive into the world of Dreamhouse. Discover VR from an unexpected perspective
Photo mode – build your home, photograph it, make an album/movie, and share it.
Community – boast about your construction, compare it with others on leaderboards.
Unique mechanics – import real objects & export real home projects to use in real life
Different surroundings – forest, town, village, beach and more


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