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Have you Met Elsie Hewitt?

by Ryan

Elsie Hewitt was born as Elsie Rose Hewitt. She is an actress, known for Turnt (2018), Teenage Badass and Mostly Ghostly: Have You Met My Ghoulfriend (2014).

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good morning baby hairs

this was taken when i had the flu but @nicksuarezphoto knows wussup

hope everyone had a good weekend

the other day

night lights


had such a dope week happy friday


2day #storiesLA

yesterday shooting my bday special with @chrisapplebaum & @annabranson

my fave team @velvetsphynxswim
in an abandoned shack next to the salton sea.. #candid lol


rolls lol

when u find good lighting

yes this weather

here’s a pic of me holding a huge pic of me as da june girl for @playboy thanks to this whole amazing team for supporting me and making this so special. i love u all

hey rob


post makeup pre wardrobe in need of more smiling why am i so serious!!

all aboard

guess fam

i guess its halloween in march(no not shooting halloween wear)

when u dont know what to do w ur hands
thank you to @revolve @vivv @wilhelminamodels @santaclaritadiet

pink n green

even tho i dont smoke
and i lost my jesus juul at coachella

look at the freckles on my chest its like a lil milkyway freckle constellation

yes i have 3 arms

right before a wave crashed into us and i think i still have sand in my hair from this

sunset people

was prolly looking at a blank wall pondering life or what i was gona eat after this

racecar backwards is racecar

dam my hair was 800 miles long

behind these hazel eyes by kelly clarkson volume


half my pics from this year are on a different phone but ..
twas a year
feel so grateful


happy v day @fashionnova

when u finally find someone u can share bras with

top @fashionnova
idk y i look so high in the second pic but i got so hyper after drinking matcha out of a lightbulb on a rainbow staircase

shooting for the first time w my new new hair
THANK YOU @jerrod.roberts for my amazing cut and THANK U @shahkaregar for making the color look so natural and for putting up with my anxious ass asking1 million questions the entire time lol u are a king

just making sure i still exist!!!!

i think this is my first mirror pic ever lol thank u @houseofbraid for my hair eheheee!!

i can smell the lil street cart hot dogs from all the way up here


ive been looking for ways to show who i actually am to the people who dont know me personally but still want an insight into my life.
ive been struggling with this for a while. id end up wondering why ppl even want an insight into my life, then id tell myself my ideas werent good enough, then let the fear of leaving my comfort zone override my inspiration, and eventually allow my fear of being judged to block my creativity. all the while not feeling great about continuing to exist on this platform so two-dimensionally.
that feels lame and pointless to me & is not who i am but i just never knew how to change it!! im not into the makeup tutorials, or the workout routine vids, or the clean eating tips, its just not me.
but one thing Im 100000% sure of is that im really really fucking passionate about FOOD!!! and EATING!!! as well as photography and film. starting @elsieeats has been such a creative project for me where i get to have fun with a combination of all those things that i love and also be myself
so im basically writing this to say ive started documenting my lil food adventures & ill be posting weekly vids on Youtube .! ill be all doing sorts of things; collaborating with my fave restaurants & chefs, going on lil food tours, and cooking & eating with my friends & special guests.
i edit this stuff myself so please forgive me that it doesnt look super professional. and even though its all very lighthearted, it means a lot to me cus ive never rly put myself out there like this before. so i def feel a lil nervous and vulnerable BUT im excited
the link to the first one is IN MY BIO & MY STORY!
ps. i know a lot of u have been asking about stuff like this for a while so thank you for being patient and i love u <3
and SUBSCRIBE!!! lmaoooo that feels weird af to say but i guess im one of those ppl now LOL

i was so nervous to post that youtube vid yesterday lol and i know this sounds a lil but thank you to everyone who takes the time to go out of their way to be kind
if u havent yet, check out my first ever episode of @elsieeats !!
: @passmorepics

i forgot its summer

i forgot its summer

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