‘He’s Definitely the Leader of the Party’

by Ryan

  • GOP Sen. Rob Portman said former president Trump is “definitely” the leader of the party. 
  • He cited his popularity “among the Republican base,” Portman said on ABC’s “This Week.”
  • His comments come after Trump’s first rally post-White House in Ohio Saturday. 

Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio said former President Donald Trump is “definitely” the leader of the GOP in an interview Sunday morning. 

During an interview on ABC’s “This Week” anchor, Jonathan Karl asked Portman if Trump is “the effective leader of the Republican Party?”

“He’s definitely the leader of the party in the sense that he has high popularity among the Republican base, and that’s what you saw last night. You saw a big turnout,” said Portman. 

Trump spoke at a rally in Wellington, Ohio, on Saturday in front of thousands, where he boosted fraudulent claims about the 2020 election. He also called Ohio Rep. Anthony Gonzalez — one of the few Republicans who voted in favor to impeach him after the Capitol insurrection —  a “disgrace.”

Portman said the focus of the Republican party and Trump should be on obtaining the majority in the House and Senate. 

“Let’s focus on the policies that worked and also on what’s not working now,” Portman continued. “So that’s what I would focus on and not the other stuff.”

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