League of Pigs – Season 4 – Round 1!

by Jessica

League of Pigs

Pepper Sanchez changed the game when she shocked all the pigs and won Season 3! She showed everyone that if you want it enough and have the right strategy then anything is possible!

Season 4 throws a different type of obstacle into the mix and it causes a power vacuum! Who will take advantage of this chaos?

Also Bear had the worst performance in Season 3 so will she get her head in the game in this new Season?

League of Pigs
Pigs from across the globe travel to the heart of England to race in the greatest Pig Championship of all time. Each season the pigs will face new challenges that will test them to their limits.

Each Season has 4 Rounds (Round 1, Round 2, Round 3 and the Finals).
Each Round has 7 races so there is 28 races in a Season!

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