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by Bill


Got a job for you. All the info you need is here:​

It’s one thing to be the best bounty hunter on the Island, it’s another to be the best in the galaxy. In the new Mando’s Bounty LTM, compete to out-hunt all your opponents — but watch out: if you’re in the lead, you’re the bounty of The Mandalorian himself.

Overcome your opponents — and Mando — to receive a very special reward. Much better than receiving guild rates, we’re talking about a specially-forged Beskar Umbrella.

Playing Solo or with others, collect galactic credits by eliminating the target on your Bounty Puck or any opponent you see. The first to reach the credit goal wins the match (assuming they can prove themselves against Mando first, of course). All players start out with three lives. This is the way.

Want a tip? The Island-dwelling Hunters targeting you and other players are holding the best loot, so take them out to build up your credits AND arsenal.

Need a break from the hunt? Stop by Kit’s new cantina on the Island, located in the desert. Your name is already legendary there.

There’s more than just one Victory Umbrella this Season. As mentioned earlier, for getting a Victory Royale in Mando’s Bounty, you’ll unlock the commemorative Beskar Umbrella. Forged by the ancestral artisans of its alloy metal, this Umbrella bears the signet of a clan of two.

Now more than ever, you are both hunter and prey. Mando’s Bounty is available from today, February 2, to February 9 at 9 AM ET!

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