NBA postseason matchups: Lakers vs. Warriors in play-in; Clippers-Mavericks, Heat-Bucks rematches on deck

by John Smith

The 2020-21 NBA regular season, shortened to 72 games, is in the books. Next up: The play-in tournament, which begins on Tuesday, May 18, followed by the first round of the playoffs on Saturday, May 22.
A quick reminder on the NBA’s new play-in format: The top six seeds in each conference are in, with the final two seeds up for grabs via the new play-in tournament. In each conference, No. 7 will play No. 8 with the winner getting the No. 7 seed. The loser will then play the winner of 9 vs. 10 for the No. 8 seed.
Below is what the playoff picture looks like heading into the postseason.

(Playoff teams)
1. Utah Jazz
• First-round matchup: vs. No. 8 seed (Lakers, Warriors, Grizzlies or Spurs)
2. Phoenix Suns
• First-round matchup: vs. No. 7 seed (Lakers or Warriors)
3. Denver Nuggets
• First-round matchup: vs. Portland Trail Blazers
4. Los Angeles Clippers
• First-round matchup: vs. Dallas Mavericks
5. Dallas Mavericks
• First-round matchup: vs. Los Angeles Clippers
6. Portland Trail Blazers
• First-round matchup: vs. Denver Nuggets
(Play-in teams)
7. Los Angeles Lakers
• First play-in matchup: vs. Golden State Warriors
8. Golden State Warriors
• First play-in matchup: vs. Los Angeles Lakers
9. Memphis Grizzlies
• First play-in matchup: vs. San Antonio Spurs
10. San Antonio Spurs
• First play-in matchup: vs. Memphis Grizzlies

(Playoff teams)
1. Philadelphia 76ers
• First-round matchup: vs. No. 8 seed (Celtics, Wizards, Pacers or Hornets)
2. Brooklyn Nets
• First-round matchup: vs. No. 7 seed (Celtics or Wizards)
3. Milwaukee Bucks
• First-round matchup: vs. Miami Heat
4. New York Knicks
• First-round matchup: vs. Atlanta Hawks
5. Atlanta Hawks
• First-round matchup: vs. New York Knicks
6. Miami Heat
• First-round matchup: vs. Milwaukee Bucks
(Play-in teams)
7. Boston Celtics
• First play-in matchup: vs. Washington Wizards
8. Washington Wizards
• First play-in matchup: vs. Boston Celtics
9. Indiana Pacers
• First play-in matchup: vs. Charlotte Hornets
10. Charlotte Hornets
• First play-in matchup: vs. Indiana Pacers


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