Octopus Escape Room Challenge

by Jessica

The octopus: Nature’s craftiest escape artist. Is this just another preconception? Is it fact or
is it fiction?
We needed to design an experiment and test exactly how much skill a smart octopus would
display in order to escape from a confined environment.
So we sat down and devised the first ever escape room for an octopus. After all, escape
rooms are great fun! If they are stimulating and entertaining for us, wouldn’t they be
equally beneficial for an octopus?
As always, our main concern was to ensure that the experiment is 100% safe for the
octopus. Moreover, we would not allow the octopus to stay in the escape room for more than
a few minutes each round in order to eliminate the possibility of him getting stressed.
We chose Rudy for this experiment due to his playful character and average size. He is big
enough to be streetwise, and small enough to have plenty of space to move around in the
escape room.
We divided the escape room challenge in four rounds, according to their level of difficulty.
Round 1 was easy, Round 2 was moderate, Round 3 was difficult, and Round 4 was
extremely difficult.
We enjoyed planning the escape routes enormously and we would like to revisit this
experiment in the future so don’t forget to share your ideas with us in the comments.

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