Performers entertain global audience during coronavirus pandemic

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Montclair, New Jersey — Half the world’s population is now under orders to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic. That’s a hardship for many — but for some, it’s an opportunity to show off their talents to a global audience. 

In New Zealand, Jack Buchanan came up with family lockdown boogie.

Family Lockdown Boogie by
Jack Buchanan on

In this battle against an enemy we can’t see, we are using the weapon of what we can hear. People are not letting the need to stay apart keep them from creating soul-soothing sounds together.

One unassuming British family shook off the familiar lockdown squabbling by rewriting the lyrics to the classic song “One Day More” from “Les Miserables” and became the royal family of Quarantunes.

The music is sparking social-distance dance parties as well, from Wales to the Greek Islands to Africa, in kinds of families from sorority sisters to fathers and grown-up sons.

They are all discovering there is no better way to demonstrate resilience than by shaking off the COVID-19 cabin fever, one TikTok challenge at a time.

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