Project Winter – Coming to Xbox Game Pass!

by Bill

Other Ocean Interactive

Backstab your friends across multiple platforms! Other Ocean is proud to announce that Project Winter will be available on Xbox Game Pass for console and PC on January 26, 2021.

Project Winter is a 5-8 person multiplayer game focused on social deception and survival. Players are stranded in the frozen wilderness and must call in an escape before they meet an untimely demise. The majority of players will load into the game as survivors, but some will be randomly selected to be traitors. Only the traitors will know each other’s roles, the survivors must be vigilant while figuring out who the traitors are. Survivors must gather resources, repair objectives, and brave the wilderness together – but beware of the traitors within the group who will be steadily gaining strength as the match progresses and whose only goal is to stop the survivors by any means necessary. Communication and teamwork are essential to the survivors’ ultimate goal of escape.

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