PS5 restock update: Best Buy, Target and Walmart – when and where to buy PS5

by Ryan

Update: Our PS5 restock Twitter tracker Matt Swider will send you an alert when the Sony console is back in stock, and the next restock date could be as soon as today, April 20. Matt’s Twitter account has been tracking inventory at Target, Walmart, Best Buy and Sony Direct this week, with a chance that Sam’s Club and GameStop will be back in stock at the end of this week or early next week. All of American retailers may not have regular PS5 stock until 2022. Matt will send an alert as soon as PS5 is for sale – if you follow his Twitter account.

  • When? Follow @mattswider, our PS5 restock Twitter tracker for notifications about when the a restock is live at all US stores. It’s the fastest way to get real-time updates. 
  • Do not buy directly off Twitter users – which are all scams – only to the websites Matt points you to.

Click on this example of the instant PS5 restock alert you’ll get when following Matt Swider. It was when the $399 PS5 Disc and $499 PS5 Digital Edition were in stock at Walmart.

PS5 restock matt swider

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PS5 restock update in the US: when will it be on sale?

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