Rainbow Six Siege: The Making of Void Edge Operators and Oregon Rework | Ubisoft [NA]

by Bill

Ubisoft North America
Get a behind-the-scenes look at Operation Void Edge from the team at Ubisoft Montreal. Is Oryx the strongest Operator in Siege? How does an aerospace engineer who controls holographic projections of herself fit into Team Rainbow? What new surprises await on the reworked Oregon map? Find out answers to these questions and more with interviews with some of the developers who have shaped Operation Void Edge. For more videos like this, subscribe to this channel.



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Rainbow Six Siege is an exciting, new approach to the first-person shooter experience that puts tactical combat and masterful destruction at the center of the action. Lead your team of unique, counter-terrorist Rainbow operators through tense and thrilling combat scenarios, and achieve victory through smart preparation and strategic improvisation. Rainbow Six Siege is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation® 4 and PC.


-THE RULES OF SIEGE: Five versus Five. Attack versus Defend. Infiltrate versus Fortify. Team-based strategy meets intense, tactical combat.
-WORLD’S ELITE COUNTER-TERRORIST OPERATORS: Choose your Operator and wield their unique ability to breach or defend the objective as a part of an elite team.
-DESTRUCTION AS A TOOL: Walls can be shattered; floors and ceilings can be breached. Mastering the tactical use of destruction is the key to victory.
-CLOSE-QUARTERS COMBAT: With tight spaces shaping all combat arenas, tense encounters and up-close-and-personal firefights abound within every Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege: The Making of Void Edge Operators and Oregon Rework | Ubisoft [NA]

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