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Rebel Cop | Trailer

by Bill
rebel cop

Today, THQ Nordic and Weappy Studios announced Rebel Cops, a turn-based tactics stealth game set in This Is the Police universe.

This Is NOT the Police! In Rebel Cops, you control a squad of ex-police officers united by a desire to take down their town’s new criminal overlord. The spin-off will focus on turn-based stealth gameplay, with unforgiving combat and vast levels to explore.

Victor Zuev has won. The ruthless crime lord now controls the town of Ripton. All the officials are on his payroll, businessmen are at his mercy, even the local police have surrendered to his will and any opposition has been smashed to pieces. Well, not quite all, exactly: there is a small rag-tag squad of true policemen, who still believe in the words “to serve and protect” and will fight against all odds to serve justice and to protect the citizens. Not all heroes wear badges…


– Releases on September 17th 2019
– Turn-based squad strategy game from Weappy (This Is the Police I and II)
– You’re not exactly the police, but you’re the only ones on the side of justice
– Gunfights are thrilling, but stealth is key
– Explore, scavenge, and watch your back
– Take the high road, or the low road

Lead a rag-tag squad of cops in rebellion against their town’s new criminal power, and see how long you can hold out in this unforgiving turn-based spin-off game from This Is the Police. You’ll be desperately short on supplies, and a single shot can cost a cop his life.

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