Scooby-Doo being not so much for kids

by Jessica


A friend and I marathon-watched all the live-action Scooby-Doo films and realized how much “risque” content there are in the first two. I don’t know if most of what I point out counts, or if it just makes me seem like a creep. Maybe the marathon just awakened my childhood crush on Sarah Michelle Gellar. But there are still some undoubtedly risque moments too.

On a side note, this is actually a pretty good film. I remembered it being kinda dumb, but after watching it after growing up it’s actually got some pretty hilarious humor and some smart dialogue. Not to mention that the scenes where Scooby interacts with the environment are handled beautifully… especially for 2002. It has a unique concept that most live-action films based on children’s shows don’t have nowadays. There are a lot of small things you don’t notice when you’re just watching it like normal. But after going through the entire film in editing there’s a lot of small sound effect and keys that you just don’t consciously notice. Like when Mary-Jane gets introduced there is a church choir in the background. I’ve never noticed that before.

And yes, I know. This films script was originally going for a PG-13 rating with a darker tone, and a lot more sexual innuendos and weed jokes. Shaggy was going to be a full on stoner. Daphne and Velma were supposed to a have a relationship of some kind, but, when the first cut was rated R, it was heavily re-edited into the film it is now, where most of these aspects are completely gone. Even though this film still has cleavage galore, that cut apparently had so much that they had to use computer generated content in the final cut to cover it up.

And also, yes, I do realize that the “leather boots” are actually latex boots. I fucked up, what do you want me to say?

And for the people who say “some of these are reaches,” that does not undermine the ones that aren’t, and also, I tried to have everything that could even, by the smallest of margins, be considered a risque, dirty, or slightly targeted-towards-people-older-than-12-years joke.

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