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Second volume of “Music For The Movement” set for release this week

by Ryan

Musicians have long used their voices and instruments to create soundtracks for particular moments in time, helping evoke change and perspective through songs intertwined with political messages. 

Now Disney Music Group and ESPN’s The Undefeated are presenting “Black History Always – Music For The Movement,” the follow up to “I Can’t Breathe – Music For The Movement.” The EP is set to be released on Friday. 

Momo Boyd with the band Infinity Song, who has a spoken word piece on the EP, told CBSN in an interview Thursday that the months-long protest movement that ensued after the death of George Floyd and others sparked a need for protest music.

“A lot of people were really trying to search for music that could uplift them and give them that positive message,” said Boyd. “It kind of created a need for that and it became a necessity.”

Cover Art, Illustration by Ace Rice

Courtesy: Hollywood Records/Undefeated ESPN

Like its predecessor, “Black History Always” is an ode to the social justice movements of the past and present. However, it’s also a reminder that though Black History Month is celebrated in February, Black history is made every day.

The five-track EP features an original song by Brent Faiyaz, as well as covers of three legendary protest songs such as “Wake Up Everybody,” “I’m Every Woman,” and “Winter In America.” 

In a press release, The Undefeated says the project strives to balance the realities of Black America’s continued struggles, while also celebrating Black beauty and offering messages of hope.

Protest music comes in many forms including folk, gospel and hip-hop. Boyd acknowledged that the protest music of today has shifted since the ’60s and the ’70s.

“I listened to a lot of music from the ’70s and the ’60s and I know it was such a huge movement,” said Boyd. “A lot of black artists in that time would create music that spoke to Black people and uplifted them and aided in protest.”

Boyd told CBSN “Music For The Movement” is significant because it is reintroducing protest music, adding that the artists involved in the project acted in service to give the people music for a movement.

“It’s up to the people how they respond and resonate with the music,” Boyd said. “If this is what they need, then it will definitely become music for the movement.”

Each song on “Black History Always – Music for the Movement” is accompanied by cover art created by Black artists, including Cristina Martinez, Mike Reese and Matthew Dicks. The EP cover art was illustrated by Ace Rice.

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