Skydiver’s near impact and landing on top of a mountain

by Jessica

Caution, this video is LOUD (can’t change it anymore)!
Location: Ambri – Switzerland
The purpose of this video is to show the importance of spotting, no matter where you jump but in particular in the mountains.

The group was the 2nd to exit, the drop was at the wrong place (organizer error) and nobody noticed until it was almost too late.
It was pure coincidence and only the quick reaction by the skydivers involved prevented injuries or worse.

I uploaded this video in order to allow anyone interested to learn from it and to help other people to prevent making the same mistakes.
Some of you might say: “of course, I always spot anyway” but in fact, a lot of people don’t, especially if they’re not the first (group) exiting.
Always spot!!! It doesn’t cost you anything, certainly not your life!

Blue skies

1. we know what went wrong so there’s no need to remind us 🙂
2. Audibles as well as AADs don’t help in a situation like this as they are set to the pressure level of the landing area more than 4.000 ft lower.
3. Deploying the reserve would have been the right choice (faster, more reliable). However, as you can see, there was NO time for thinking and thus your body intuitively and automatically does what it always does: pull the main

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