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Thunder’s Steven Adams hits casual one-handed, half-court heave after taking advice from Chris Paul

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On the last night of NBA action before the All-Star break officially begins, there were only two games on the calendar: The Celtics hosting the Clippers, and the Pelicans hosting the Thunder

These are important games. They all are, in some sense. But even fans are ready for a break at this point in the schedule, so a little excitement outside the monotony of a random midseason game is always welcome. On Thursday, Oklahoma City big man Steven Adams obliged. 

With the final seconds of the first half ticking down, Adams launched the most casual three-quarter-court shot you’ll ever see, and he drilled it for the first 3-point make of his career.

The view from behind:

I haven’t seen a wrist flick that effortless since Michael Vick was dropping dimes over the top of NFL defenses. And the shimmy afterward? Come on. Steven Adams is a treasure. And so is Chris Paul, apparently. 

Here’s the evidence of Paul’s master class a few nights earlier. 

See, kids. Pay attention to your teachers. They know all. 

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