WWII Flashlight with Rust Holes – Restoration

by Jessica

Odd Tinkering
I bought this World War II German Flashlight. The model is Daimon Telko Trio. It was a common typo flashlight the Germans used. It is a bit rusty and the traps on the back were completely gone. Later I also found that the rust had even amde some holes that needed to be fixed. This project took me forever to finish due to so many phases and filming makes everything many times slower. I even made a 40 minute version of the project to my Patreon page. It has a few extra scenes and clips.

I began by disassembling the flashlight. Everything was riveted together so I needed to drill a lot of the rivets out. This type of rivets were not easy to find and only ones I found were in a bag of 500pcs and the price was 50€ ($54). So I made my own rivets. I also used a rotary tool to remove pins with peened ends.

For making the rivets I needed some custom tools but that can be seen on the video but basically I cut pieces of brass tube of correct size. After this I used the tools to widen one end of the tube into a funnel like shape. This funnel was then hammered flat to create a rivet very similar to the original ones. A pop rivet could have been used but I don’t thin it would have been a good choise from restoration perspective.

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